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Flourishes and Motifs

• You can add any of these special designs by ordering here,
• Or if you are on Design Your Own page put the code in in place of a space or letter.
• The flourish won't preview, but we'll know what you want by the code. We'll scale the design to fit your font choice.
• We may have to adjust the final letter size and/or length of text slightly for best fit.

It is best not to leave an extra space, so if you want:

Type in: Live WellQ1Laugh OftenQ1Love Much

  You can also order these individually, just select style, size and quantity below
Choose Flourish  
Choose Size Qty

  Any quantity over one of the same item is 50% off
  Size is based on height, the length left to right may be narrower or wider than the height, depending on the design.
  These are one time use stencils, see our FAQ's for details.
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